Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Adventure Continues....

To say that there has been quite a bit going on since August 16th (date of my last blog post) would be an understatement! I hope to have a few (ok, several!) minutes in the next week or so to sit down and write out all that has been going on because I hope, someday, Anna Claire can look back on this and see how the Lord has been working overtime in our family! :)
The moving truck pulls out Monday, heading west to Texas! Pasadena, to be exact! We are overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions right now! Baton Rouge has been our home for 4+ years. It was with this move to Baton Rouge that I began this blog. This place holds very special memories for our family, especially as we have watched Anna Claire grow from a little baby to a smart and joyful 4 (almost 5, as she would tell you!) yr old!
I'll stop here b/c the time is short, but we'll be back on the blog more regularly once we get situated over in Texas! Just wanted to let our 3 or 4 blog readers know that we are here, just in transition! :)

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